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Introducing Wibbi, a Home Exercise Platform (HEP) for rehabilitation faculty and students. With a wide range of premium home exercise videos, advanced treatment tools and insights based on the latest research, you’ll be able to guide your students in providing personalized patient care.

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Wibbi: give students the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care

Enhanced Learning

Provide students access to a rich library of rehabilitation, fitness and educational video exercises across 18+ specialties—perfect for classroom demonstrations and practical sessions.

Increase students’ understanding by providing demonstrations of correct exercise techniques using up-to-date images and videos with descriptions.

Coach students on how to work efficiently and effectively by using 300+ standardized templates, forms and surveys to create customized treatment plans.

Student engagement

Encourage students to use cutting-edge technology to engage with virtual patient scenarios, honing their remote communication and therapy skills.

Equip students with concise instructional videos and education sheets, enhancing their understanding and ability to educate future patients.

Teach students to effectively monitor patient progress and pain levels using Wibbi’s interactive platform.

Supplementary resources

Attract and retain top talent for your department by giving your faculty access to leading-edge resources for professional development

Offer education on the latest best practices and research, all developed by accredited rehabilitation experts.

Support students’ and faculty’s professional growth with accredited courses and CEU certifications.

Why Wibbi

  • For 30 years, Wibbi has led the way using advanced technology and health specialists expertise to improve clinical efficiency and patient wellbeing.
  • Fully HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant, ensuring utmost patient data protection.
  • Extensive language support, including in French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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Enhance Your Curriculum With A Home Exercise Program Software Tool

Stay ahead in the field of rehabilitation and therapy by incorporating the latest technology into your curriculum.

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