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Our platform lets you create the home exercise programs you’ve been dreaming of. It encourages and makes it easier for patients to engage with their voice rehabilitation programs and educational content, while remaining straightforward and effective.
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Home exercise programs that encourage patient engagement

Wibbi helps you communicate your exercises clearly with engaging videos and step-by-step instructions, motivating your patients to stay on track. Therapists can monitor treatment compliance, progress and more. It’s time to increase your patients’ confidence, improve results and revolutionize your approach.

An app that works on any device

Our programs display perfectly on any screen, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone—so your patients can access them anywhere.

Designed by speech therapists, for speech therapists

Our exercises have been designed, tested and perfected by teams of speech-language pathologists from diverse backgrounds. Plus, our exercises come with high-quality videos and clear, step-by-step instructions.

Exercises tailored to your needs

Need an exercise you can’t find or looking for a modified version? We’re always adding to our library and adapting instructions based on feedback from our users.

A simple and intuitive interface

From exercise directions to special instructions, our smart technology ensures that no detail is overlooked. Feedback from professionals and patients is the foundation of the resources we develop, and it’s thanks to this input that you can now provide your patients with information that’s as easy to understand as it is visually engaging.

It’s the efficient way to customize programs to meet each patient’s unique needs

With Wibbi, creating a comprehensive home exercise program is quick and easy. You can put together your patient programs in minutes, either from scratch or using our collection of pre-built templates. Whether you’re looking for a specific exercise for a particular case or preselected exercises for common problems, we have you covered.

Track your patients’ progress. Improve their results.

With our dashboard, you can see how closely patients are following their home exercise programs. Are they lacking motivation? Are they having trouble with a particular technique? Our indicators let you know if patients need your help between appointments.

Your patients will also appreciate having access to the tracking dashboard, helping them stay motivated by displaying their progress and achievements.

Fully integrated with your clinic’s management system

Wibbi fully integrates with the leading practice management system for Speech & Language therapy. That means only one sign-on, and a simple click to attach your client’s home exercise program to their file. Plus, it’s seamless to switch between charting and adjusting your client’s program or tracking their voice rehabilitation.

We know how small tasks can add up, which is why Wibbi is designed to ensure more efficiency over the course of your clients’ treatments.

Make your website a go-to destination

Wibbi fully integrates with your clinic’s website, so your clients can access their treatment plans and exercise videos directly from your site. Our convenient virtual consultation platform and home exercise tools will set you apart from the competition.

Plus, increasing traffic to your website and social media accounts will make it easier to share information and market your services to a growing number of clients. The more visitors you have, the better your search-engine rankings will be.

Free exercise software for students

Enjoy free access throughout your training.

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