Solutions for Speech Therapy

Free up time to focus on patient care

Wibbi speech is a home exercise platform that encourages patients to actively participate in their recovery. The platform automates your workflow and gives you immediate access to an extensive video library and home exercise program templates, as well as to patient education resources for swallowing, voice, oro-motor skills, speech and language.

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Wibbi speech: the right tools for delivering timely, personalized care

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Wibbi offers a comprehensive collection of resources, including Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs) videos, speech sound cue cards, a variety of word lists and exercise materials, speech therapy illustrations, and communication partner training videos.

Struggling to find the right content? Wibbi will work with you to develop tailored videos, outcome measures, and educational materials for patient treatment.

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Foster independent skill development

Offer clear, outcome-focused goals and easy-to-understand instructions that enable patients to improve their quality of life and develop skills independently at home.

Validate the effectiveness of your treatment plans by tracking your patients’ progress.

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Wibbi speech: the right tools for delivering timely, personalized care

Save Time

Spend less time creating personalized treatment plans thanks to pre-built templates.

Automatically attach treatment plans and documentation directly to the patient’s record in the EMR.

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Enhance your clinical decision-making

Join a community of skilled SLPs to exchange content, share knowledge, and discover innovative techniques with Wibbi’s online professional development courses.

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Why Wibbi

  • For 30 years, Wibbi has led the way using advanced technology and health specialists expertise to improve clinical efficiency and patient wellbeing.
  • Fully HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant, ensuring utmost patient data protection.
  • Language support in English and French.
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What our customers think

Wibbi has helped me a lot in my speech therapy practice because it allows me to develop exercise programs quickly, while encouraging motivation and adherence from my patients.

Laurie Doyon

Speech-Language Pathologist, Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Lanaudière, Hôpital Pierre-Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, Quebec

I can quickly send out the exercises with clear explanations and, most importantly, make changes during the course of my appointment. This means that once my appointment is over, I know my client has everything they need to do their exercises properly. I’m also really impressed by the wealth of exercises available.

Marie-Philippe Rodrigue, M.Sc

Speech-Language Pathologist, Quebec

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