Leading home exercise program (HEP) solution provider, wibbi, continues to expand its extensive portfolio of electronic medical records (EMR) collaborations by teaming up with meddbase, a highly-respected UK based EMR software platform provider. This strategic integration of meddbase into wibbi’s impressive list of EMR partnerships will be a game-changer in the way physiotherapists approach patient care, offering seamless access to customizable exercise programs directly within the EMR workflow.

By leveraging both wibbi and meddbase’s strengths, this partnership is poised to advance patient engagement, enhance treatment planning, and elevate overall clinical outcomes. This integration allows physiotherapists to easily prescribe personalized video exercise programs from within the meddbase EMR platform, simplifying patients’ access to and execution of their prescribed home exercises.

We are happy to have wibbi as a partner, as we have been supporting Physiotherapy, Orthopedics, and MSK customers for years. We firmly believe in the value it brings to our clinicians and clients, enabling a smooth end-to-end user journey through partnerships for product development.

Nour El Din Hussein

Head of Growth, Meddbase

This Integration Promises A Wealth Of Advantages For Both Physiotherapists And Patients:

Smooth Workflow:

Physiotherapists can effortlessly prescribe and document exercise programs within the meddbase EMR platform, obviating the need for manual entries or external systems.

Custom Exercise Programs:

The integration facilitates the development of personalized exercise programs catering to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring tailored rehabilitation paths and maximizing patient engagement.

Superior Patient Experience:

Patients can access their video exercise programs through a personalized online portal, which offers clear instructions, videos, and progress tracking tools for optimal adherence and engagement.

Enhanced Documentation and Compliance:

The integrated solution automates exercise program documentation, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance with regulatory standards.

We are thrilled to welcome meddbase into our growing list of EMR partnerships. This collaboration will ensure a seamless clinical experience, enabling efficient prescription of exercise programs customized to individual patient needs. By integrating our HEP exercise library with meddbase’s EMR platform, we’re championing a new era of personalized care and improved patient outcomes

Mathieu Gobeil

Managing Director US Sales, wibbi

The wibbi-meddbase partnership will be available globally to physiotherapy practices. Both companies pledge continuous collaboration and innovation, with plans to further refine the integration and discover additional opportunities to elevate patient care.

About wibbi

Physiotec, a leader in Home Exercise Program solutions for physiotherapists, provides user-friendly software that allows clinicians to prescribe customized exercise programs, monitor patient progress, and promote active patient involvement in the rehabilitation process. With a dedication to evidence-based practice and patient-centered care, Physiotec is committed to enhancing therapeutic outcomes through technology.

About meddbase

Meddbase, a fully secure healthcare management software solution, was designed by healthcare experts over two decades to address significant healthcare challenges. Boasting world-class security, meddbase can be securely accessed from anywhere at any time, to enhance efficiency, security, and patient care.

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Wibbi, the leading provider of Home Exercise Program (HEP) software, is proud to announce its new partnership with LSVT Global, a continuing education company that trains and certifies Physical and Occupational Therapists to provide treatment for people with Parkinson’s, pediatrics, and other populations.

This strategic alliance ushers in LSVT Global’s specialized knowledge, protocols, and unique exercise content. With this integration, Physiotec’s platform is now enriched, offering an even broader range of home exercise programs. It paves the way for therapists to access cutting-edge methods, enabling them to incorporate the latest exercises into personalized patient care plans.

This new partnership is sure to have positive impacts on millions of lives around the world by providing easier access to high quality physical and occupational therapy services and improved functional outcomes and quality of life for those with Parkinson’s and other conditions.

We are thrilled about our new partnership with Wibbi. It will allow us to provide physical and occupational therapists who are certified in LSVT BIG greater efficiency when it comes to creating and sending home exercise programs and tracking patients’ home practice. Even more importantly, people who are receiving LSVT BIG treatment will benefit from the ability to see video clips of their exercises, receive personalized exercise instructions, and communicate with their therapist any time they have questions. As a result, we are confident this will improve treatment results and patient satisfaction when therapists utilize the LSVT BIG application on Wibbi.

Laura Gusé – MPT

Chief Clinical Officer, LSVT BIG, LSVT Global

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