There are many Home Exercise Prescription platforms, and choosing one can be overwhelming. We want to make picking the best platform for your clinic and your therapists easy.

Given the variety of platforms available, it’s important to distinguish between them based on key features that can significantly impact therapeutic outcomes and operational efficiency. This blog post will focus on 5 key considerations when selecting a home exercise prescription solution.

HEP Integration with EMR and Practice Management Systems

Practice owners should prioritize integration capabilities when selecting a home exercise prescription platform. A platform that integrates seamlessly with existing systems such as EMR and practice management software is crucial. This integration minimizes administrative burdens, ensures smooth data management, and maintains workflow continuity, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Platforms like Wibbi, Physitrack, and Medbridge exemplify the benefits of robust integration features.

Cost-Effective HEP Platform with High ROI

Practice owners must consider the platform’s cost-effectiveness, potential return on investment (ROI), and the quality of customer support and training services. A financially viable platform should fit within the budget and offer clear ROI through improved patient engagement and new revenue streams, like RTM billing codes in platforms like Wibbi.

Support and Training for your HEP Platform

Software providers are increasingly making speaking directly to a representative more difficult. Things that should take one day to resolve with a phone call take weeks due to missed calls, and slow email responses. Some things are easier to explain over the phone. Live support and comprehensive training are key to ensuring smooth implementation and usability. They are critical for maintaining productivity and achieving long-term benefits from the platform.

Multi-language Support in HEP Platform

As clinics serve increasingly diverse populations, the need for multi-language support in home exercise prescription platforms cannot be overstated. Offering exercise instructions and patient education in multiple languages enhances patient understanding and compliance and broadens the clinic’s reach. Wibbi, for instance, supports six languages, making it a suitable choice for clinics in multicultural regions or those looking to expand their demographic reach. 

HEP Platform that Offers Continuing Education for Therapists

Continuous learning and professional development are vital in the dynamic field of therapy. Platforms that provide continuing education courses and credits help therapists stay updated with the latest practices and enhance their skills. Wibbi, for example, offers a choice of content from multiple continuing education providers, which could be a significant advantage for therapists looking to advance their expertise without investing additional time and resources in external courses. This feature not only aids in professional growth but also ensures that the care provided is based on the most current research and best practices.

Top HEP Platforms Compared: Essential Features at a Glance

Home Exercise Prescription Tools for Therapists

Home Exercise Prescription Tools for Therapists

Home Exercise Prescription Tools for Practice Owners & Managers

Home Exercise Prescription Tools for Practice Owners & Managers

In summary, while many home exercise prescription platforms offer robust features, the best choice for any clinic will hinge on specific needs such as integration capabilities, language support, and opportunities for continuing education. By carefully considering these key differentiators, therapists can select a platform that meets their clinical requirements and enhances their service delivery and patient outcomes.

Welcome to Wibbi

The blog provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding Physiotec’s transition to its new brand, Wibbi. It covers the reasons behind the name change, the meaning behind the new name and logo, and addresses any concerns related to the use of the platform.

What’s in a New Name?  

From Physiotec to Wibbi: the change embraces our broader healthcare mission beyond physiotherapy, aiming to enhance connections between rehabilitation therapists and patients across different specialties through personalized technology.

Decoding Wibbi

A Meaningful Transformation: Wibbi represents a step forward for us in healthcare delivery, focusing on personalized care and the unique journey of each patient, facilitated by innovative technology.

The symbolism of the Wibbi Logo:  The logo illustrates the patient’s unique path to wellness within a supportive community, highlighting personalized care akin to a fingerprint’s uniqueness.

Why the Change? Beyond Physiotherapy: The transition to Wibbi reflects our expanded focus on a diverse set of rehabilitation specialties, moving beyond our origins to meet evolving needs.

Maintaining Identity:  Not an Acquisition: The shift to Wibbi is a strategic rebranding, not a sign of acquisition, maintaining our commitment to a wide range of healthcare specialties.

What to Expect with the New Branding  

Seamless Transition: Users will notice updated branding, a new login URL, and support contacts, with the platform’s language settings and functionality remaining unchanged.

Integration and HEP Program Access: Uninterrupted Service. The rebranding will not affect EMR integrations or the platform’s existing services and functionalities. Users will still be able to access all their existing programs and features.

Navigating to Wibbi 

Automatic Redirection: Accessing the old Physiotec URLs will redirect users to Wibbi, where clear communication about the brand transition ensures continuity.

Experiencing Log-in Issues?

Here is a quick video to guide you through

Montréal, Québec February 19, 2024 – Physiotec, the leader in rehabilitation therapy home exercise video content and prescription software, is excited to announce its transformation into Wibbi, effective February 19, 2024.

For 30 years, Wibbi has seamlessly blended advanced technology and therapist expertise to elevate clinical efficiency and patient well-being. Today, Wibbi is used by over 5,000 clinics, 40,000 clinicians, and 16 million patients, globally.

This rebranding marks a significant leap in the company’s mission to optimize healthcare delivery and enhance patient journeys. Recognizing the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, Wibbi now extends its expertise beyond physiotherapy, supporting a much wider range of rehabilitation specialties. Wibbi represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology with a human touch.

Our rebranding to Wibbi is more than just a name change, it reflects our commitment to improving healthcare delivery and empowering patients and health specialists. Wibbi is where technology meets human care, crafting a future where recovery and wellness stem from an interconnection of innovative technology, therapist expertise, and patient aspirations.

Étienne Gobeil

CEO of Wibbi

Our Vision and Values

Wibbi is dedicated to improving people’s health through engaging technology and content. Our values of velocity, agility, collaboration, and customer support with a human touch are the driving force behind our innovative approach. We believe in acting swiftly, embracing change, and fostering a culture of positivity and innovation.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients and Partners?

Our transition to Wibbi will enhance the services we offer. Clients can expect the same high-quality content, technology, and service now amplified with a broader scope and deeper integration with a range of EMR/EHR and practice management platforms. The rebranding will not affect existing partnerships, contracts, users, or services.

Looking Ahead

Wibbi is excited to embark on this new chapter. We continue to be dedicated to enhancing healthcare experiences and outcomes. We thank our clients, partners, and the healthcare community for their ongoing support and look forward to making a more significant impact in the healthcare industry as Wibbi.

Contact Information:

Vani Edwardson
Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Physiotec was founded in 1994 in the rural, northern Quebec community of Chapais. The family business was born out of a keen understanding of the need for physiotherapists to be able to access exercises to build treatment plans for their patients. The mission was twofold: to make it simpler and quicker for physiotherapists to create and prescribe home exercise programs by “automating” the process, and to improve patient outcomes by providing therapists with the latest rehabilitation therapy techniques and video instructions so patients can continue progressing at home with simple instructions.

The company has come a long way since its foundation 30 years ago, and that’s thanks largely to Etienne and Mathieu Gobeil, brothers and current co-owners of Physiotec, who’ve guided the company into today’s digital-driven age through technological innovation, while meeting the evolving needs of healthcare professionals.

The perfect guys for the job

Etienne and Mathieu joined Physiotec in 2007 when the product was only being sold in a few hospital settings in the province of Quebec. “We joined because it was such a revolutionary idea; it was not just a business,” Etienne says. “At the time, Physiotec was unique.”

Mathieu explains: “We were calling potential clients saying, ‘We will give video access to your patients,’ and they said, ‘That is such a clever idea.’ We were the only ones doing that.”

And with the library of exercises and treatment plans having recently been moved to the cloud, the possibilities were limitless. This made it even easier for patients to access their exercise programs. The company was full of potential, and Etienne’s engineering expertise together with Mathieu’s knack for sales was the perfect combination to help Physiotec take off.

Global reach

Though they never invested much in marketing, their product sold itself—catching the eye of practitioners from many different countries.

In the years since they took over the company, Etienne and Mathieu have taken Physiotec from a small Quebec company to a resource for physiotherapists and patients all over the world. Today, it’s used in more than 91 different countries by over 16 million patients.

They believe to grow their business, they must invest in truly understanding the evolving needs of their clients, and create products and services that align seamlessly with those needs. The brothers have also worked closely with their clients to ensure the product is doing what it’s meant to do: fulfill the needs of physiotherapists and ensure patients have the tools they need for successful recoveries.

“What has defined the company is our agility,” Mathieu says. “We can jump on a new project. We can change things quickly. We have high velocity. We are responsive. We are always willing to talk and understand our clients’ needs.”

Expanding and growing

Building upon the success of Physiotec, Etienne and Mathieu have expanded the platform to assist speech therapists and veterinarians specializing in animal rehab—and this is just the beginning. Their formula and approach to meeting clients’ unique needs is getting glowing reviews, and their success is fueling their growth in rehabilitation therapy.

“I have always been proud of what we achieved and who we were at any given moment, just like I am today,” Etienne says. “What I am most proud of is the perception our clients have of Physiotec. They like us, they appreciate our team, they are proud of our success. ”

Among their priorities for the future is evolving the platform into a patient-relationship management solution, so it can follow the patient through the recovery journey using information from all the healthcare providers involved in that person’s treatment.

A new name for a new stage

While the name “Physiotec” is a reflection of where the company started all those years ago, it has come a long way in three decades, and its name is changing to represent where it’s headed.

Under the new name “Wibbi,” the company will offer its services to a host of different types of healthcare professionals who can benefit from being able to offer at-home instructions to their patients, creating a one-stop-shop for those looking to access information about their treatment and recovery journey. One of the main objectives is to provide patients with videos and reading materials while they are waiting for treatment, as well as all the information they need to recover once they leave the hospital.

Wibbi is not about technology and content alone; it’s about helping both therapists and patients thrive. It will notify health specialists if patients are not following their treatment plan or need their attention, and it will also assist patients through their journey during and after treatment.

The vision is for Wibbi to be an extension of the health system so patients don’t feel abandoned when they’re discharged. At the heart of Wibbi’s mission are two primary goals: amplifying therapist efficiency and elevating patient recovery. The demand for improved healthcare is growing, and Wibbi is ready to meet this challenge head-on.

Reshaping the industry

The need for enhanced healthcare is strong and growing, and Wibbi is determined to rise to the challenge with Etienne and Mathieu at the helm. Wibbi has long been a leader in this marketplace, and it’s only getting started. What began as a small company in rural, northern Quebec is now changing the face of healthcare for professionals and patients alike. Wibbi is reshaping the industry by delivering tailored, accessible information that enhances the experiences of professionals and patients worldwide.