RTM Turnkey Service

Simplify RTM Code Reimbursement

Wibbi’s RTM turnkey service provides U.S. providers with a fully managed, shared revenue model, ensuring patient compliance and facilitating monthly CPT code reimbursement.

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Increase patient engagement and adherence to treatment with Wibbi

Streamline Your Clinic’s RTM Billing

Compliance Monitoring

Enhance patient outcomes with our FREE Home Exercise Programs. Wibbi’s HEP platform not only provides these programs but also actively monitors patient compliance, offering weekly coaching to maintain prescribed engagement levels.

Patient Check-in and Time Tracking

Our service includes essential monthly two-way audio communications and motivational interviews, all automatically timed without requiring additional documentation.

Effortless RTM Code Management

Receive ready-to-submit Remote Monitoring Billing Codes monthly. Wibbi invoices you post-monitoring, based on a revenue share from the submitted RTM codes, ensuring you earn an average of $160 per patient plan of care.


e-Guide: The Physical Guide To Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Learn actionable strategies for boosting revenue per patient and enhancing profitability and at the same time increasing patient outcomes and quality of care.


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