Wibbi Quarterly Newsletter – June 2024

June announces the start of summer and our first Wibbi-branded newsletter, packed with updates and exciting news.

Hello Wibbi Community,

June announces the start of summer and our first Wibbi-branded newsletter, packed with updates and exciting news. 

New Stability and Notification Features

  1. Robust Stability Enhancements – We have implemented significant upgrades to bolster the redundancy and stability of our servers. These enhancements include integrating advanced early warning systems to prevent future outages.
  2. Proactive Downtime Notifications – To keep you informed and prepared, we will announce all scheduled server maintenance well in advance. Notifications will appear on the HEP log-in page and within the HEP platform. Additionally, maintenance activities will be scheduled during off-peak hours to minimize disruption across various time zones.
  3. Real-Time Platform Status – Stay updated with the operational status of our platform anytime through the real-time status indicator now available on the Wibbi website. 

HEP Product Updates

This quarter, we have several product updates, including content library additions, enhanced platform security, new functionality, and new continuing education providers.

1. Expanded Home Exercise Library Content

We have recently added a series of passive stretching videos featuring equipment—perfect for spinal cord injury cases and when long-held stretches are essential. These new videos are located in the neurology module and can be found by specifying the desired body part or selecting the Neurology filter. 

2. New PDF Download for Outcome Measure Questionnaires

We have introduced a new feature that simplifies your documentation process. Therapists can now directly download outcome measure questionnaires in PDF format and seamlessly integrate them into their charting system. This enhancement improves workflow ensures precise documentation of patient assessments and strengthens the audit trail, making your practice more efficient and compliant.

3. Security Enhancements

Great news for large hospitals and clinics IT Administrators, Wibbi now offers secure Single Sign-On (SSO) and SCIM provisioning through Microsoft Azure and Google, providing:

Contact us to learn how to ensure a more secure, efficient, and streamlined workflow with Wibbi, Microsoft Azure, and Google.

Bia Education Joins Wibbi’s CE Marketplace

Continuing Education Curriculum provider Bia Education joins the Wibbi CE Marketplace to increase the diversity of professional development options. 

Bia Education is a training hub for rehabilitation professionals, founded by physiotherapists. Through the Bia Membership, members gain quick access to essential knowledge, enabling them to review scientific articles, prepare clinical cases faster, and save on continuing education costs. This is achieved with concise five-minute summaries of scientific articles and access to over 40 webinars. Click here to take advantage of a 15% discount on the annual membership using the promo code WIBBI.

New Turnkey Service for RTM: Efficiency and profitability without any upfront costs

Wibbi has just launched a new hands-off RTM reimbursement service for U.S.-based practice owners.

Our service ensures 35% revenue sharing from remote monitoring, handled entirely by licensed professionals who manage patient compliance tracking, liaise with your therapy staff and generate CPT billing codes, provided monthly for easy reimbursement submission.

Learn how to implement a Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program

Join LSVT Big and Matthew Jurek, DPT, CSCS, Wibbi’s U.S. RTM specialist to learn how to implement a Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) program that will enhance clinic efficiency and revenues. Matthew will take a deep dive into the practical implementation of RTM, the benefits, and strategies for overcoming common challenges.