Wibbi Privacy Notice

At Wibbi, we are aware of our privacy obligations and those of our clients. In this privacy statement, we have disclosed information about how we handle personal data.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us.


This privacy notice will explain how Wibbi processes the personal data we collect.

There are different situations in which Wibbi might obtain personal information:

A. you are a website visitor

B. you are a client/licensee of our Home Exercise Program (HEP) software

C. you are a user of our Home Exercise Program software

D. you contact our support staff by email or by phone

For each of these situations, this privacy notice answers the following questions:

A. Website visitor

This section explains Wibbi’s processing of your data if you interact with us via our website, other than logging in as an existing user.

On our website, you will find information regarding Wibbi and its products and services. We also enable our online visitors to interact with us, request information, file a complaint, register for a free trial of our software, or obtain access as a student.

Messages, requests, and complaints

If you send us a message, request, or complaint via the contact forms on our website, we ask you to provide some information to answer you promptly. We record the following personal data:

We record this data in our cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to follow up and support you should additional communication be required. We retain this data for 3 years after completion of your initial communication.

Application for free trial or student access

If you apply for a free trial of our software or a student license, we ask you to provide information to be able to assess and handle your request. We record the following personal data:

We record this data in our cloud-based CRM system to be able to check whether you are eligible for a trial or student license of our software and to provide you with a personal account. If you become a client based on your trial experiences, we will retain your data for the duration of the license. If you decide not to acquire our Home Exercise Program, we will keep your data to be able to inform you of relevant developments regarding our Home Exercise Program, unless you instruct us otherwise.

B. Clients/licenses of our Home Exercise Program software

This section explains Wibbi’s processing of your data if you are an existing client of Wibbi and a licensee of our Home Exercise Program software. In that case, we might obtain personal data when you contact our customer service/support staff by email, phone, or by third-party tools that Wibbi uses for contacting and billing purposes.

The personal data we collect are:

If you decide to authorize additional users to access your Wibbi license, you can choose to add personal information about the new user or request a user to be added by providing personal information to Wibbi support staff. Controlled by a user interface this will be limited to the name, email address, phone number, and work location of the additional user.

We process these data to be able to live up to our agreement with you as a license holder and to define user accounts as requested by you. We retain this information for the duration of your license.

C. Wibbi Home Exercise Program End Users

This section explains Wibbi’s processing of your data if you – as a client or patient of one of our licensees – use our Home Exercise Program software.

As a starting point, we point out that we only process personal data on the instruction of our licensees, who are health/care institutions, health professionals, or any kind of practice. They determine the objective and means of the processing and are the primary collectors of your data. Wibbi develops, provides, and maintains the Home Exercise Program software and hosts the exercise data, including your data.

Please also refer to the privacy notices of the institution or practice that provided you with access to our software (our licensees).

What data do we hold?

If you use our Home Exercise Program via one of our licensees, Wibbi will hold the following personal data:

The Home Exercise Program software has the option to anonymize your personal information. Whether this option is activated is a choice to be made by our licensee. Please contact your health professional for more information.

How do we acquire your data?

The Home Exercise Program is designed for you and your health professional to agree on a tailored exercise program and to be able to monitor progress. By using our software you provide your health professional with information for treatment support. We acquire personal data when:

How will we use your data?

Wibbi will not use your data for any other reason. We will not share your data with other third parties, except for:

a. subcontractors that we have contracted to provide usage of our software and storage of data:

With these service providers, Wibbi has data protection agreements in place.

b. local agents with whom we might share contact data of your organization to be able to contact you. With these agents, we have formal agreements in place.

If your health/care institution decides to use Wibbi integrated into their Electronic Medical Records system (EMR), it is possible that some personal data (e.g. a PDF of an exercise program with your name on it) is being stored in that system as part of your medical file. Please also refer to the Privacy Statement of your health/care institution’s EMR software.

How do we process and store your data?

For reasons of support or troubleshooting, Wibbi staff in Canada can access your data in the Home Exercise Program. Wibbi staff in Europe is limited to accessing licenses with personal information from European clients only. All our staff are bound to confidentiality and non-disclosure.

Wibbi will keep your data for a period that is based on the instructions of our licensees. We will delete your data once our licensee has instructed us to do so.

D. Contacting our support staff by email or by phone

If you contact us by phone or email, you will be serviced by our support staff. Depending on the nature of your message or request, you will be asked to provide information that we need to optimally support you. This data may pertain (but is not limited) to:

The information you are requested to provide only serves the purpose of providing you with the best support possible. We will record this information in our cloud-based CRM system, and we will retain the information for 1 year after completion of your request. If you are an existing customer, we will retain the information for the duration of the license agreement.

How is personal data secured?

Wibbi securely processes your data. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information we hold.

Our staff has been trained in sound privacy principles, and we have taken technical and organizational security measures to safeguard the information of our clients. We take privacy matters seriously and maintain solid practices in data security and privacy protection. All employees have signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

We make sure your data is stored on servers of trusted partners located in Canada, the US, the UK, or in the EU. We are based in Canada and comply with federal and provincial privacy laws (notably the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK-GDPR which are applicable for our clients in the European Economic Area and the UK respectively.

What are your data protection rights?

Wibbi would like to make sure you are fully aware of all of your data protection rights.
In situations B and C as mentioned above, Wibbi is the processor of personal data. If you want to exercise any of the rights mentioned below, please contact the health/care institution, health professionals, or the health practice (our licensees) that provided you with access to our software.

As a controller of your data, they are the first point of contact and are responsible for responding to your request. When instructed to do so by the institution, Wibbi will assist in handling your request.

In situations A and C, Wibbi is the controller of your data, and as such responsible to adequately handling your request if you exercise your data subject’s rights. You can contact our support desk to assist you with this.

Every data subject (the person personal data belongs to) is entitled to the following:


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This privacy notice is subject to change. Please check our website regularly to obtain the latest version.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding the protection of your data, please contact our VP of Product: Sylvain St-Germain at dpo@wibbi.com

How to contact the appropriate authorities

You might also want to get in touch with local supervisory authorities if you have questions or complaints regarding the protection of your data, such as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (Canada) or the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK.

** In privacy legal terms, Wibbi is a processor, our licensees are controllers.