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We understand the importance of security and efficiency in your daily operations. That’s why Wibbi is built to ensure a seamless and secure experience for all our customers and their patients.

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Secure Access

We are committed to providing a platform that meets the highest security and reliability standards. Wibbi’s SSO service minimizes the risks associated with using the same username and password, which can lead to potential breaches.

Wibbi provides an extra layer of security for logging in by sending a one-time code to your email. If your system supports multi-factor authentication, you can use it alongside single sign-on to enhance security.

Enhanced Efficiency

Large hospitals and multi-site clinics can streamline user logins with Wibbi’s secure Single Sign-On (SSO) and SCIM provisioning through Microsoft Azure and Google. This simplifies workflows by reducing password management, allowing therapists to concentrate on client care.

Uninterrupted workflow

To ensure you always have the best experience, we provide advanced notifications of any planned server maintenance.

  • Advanced Downtime Notification: Planned server maintenance is announced well ahead of time with notifications on our website and the HEP platform.
  • Scheduled maintenance is always conducted outside working hours across as many time zones as possible.

Realtime Notifications

We have a real-time availability status indicator which you can reference anytime at the bottom of our website pages. You can also sign up for real-time email updates.

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