Empower patients in their recovery

Enable patients to take an active role in their healing process

Wibbi is both the health specialist’s assistant and the patient’s companion. Its home exercise platform lets you build exercise programs for your patients, while offering them videos, patient education sheets, as well as pain and progress tracking—empowering them to take control of their healing journey.

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Wibbi: redefining patient care beyond the clinic

Keep patients informed and worry-free

Wibbi automates patient notifications and reminders.

Track recovery progress between visits

Enable patients to monitor and communicate their pain, progress, and improvements.

Improve patient compliance

Provide easy-to-understand information on injuries and conditions, increasing their adherence.

Measure outcome success

Track and evaluate patient progress with outcome-measurement forms, including DASH, QUICKDASH and Central Sensitization Inventory.

What your patients can do with Wibbi’s desktop and mobile apps:

  • Enjoy a personalized healthcare experience that makes them feel more at ease and connected to their clinic and health specialist.
  • Access the tools they need for success between appointments.
  • View high-quality home exercise videos at their own pace, with the ability to play, pause and rewind.
  • Record and track pain levels and progress directly in the app.
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Insights from fellow practitioners

I use Wibbi’s LSVT module often and my patients are over-the-moon excited to have this available to them. Having the videos to support them through a very challenging program will certainly elevate my practice ability and the patient’s results. My patients are relieved to have videos of each exercise that they can follow along with when they are not in the clinic.

Jill Heberling, LPTA

Clinic Director, Advanced Physical Therapy Center, Phoenix Family Physical Therapy, Waterford, MI

Our patients love the video options for exercise description and continually comment about how ‘personalized’ things feel when we can use filters/search tools to customize the program to the equipment they have at home.

Stephanie Sprout PT, DPT

Assistant Clinical Professor, Doctoral Physical Therapy Program, Plymouth State University

Customizing a home exercise plan has never been faster or easier

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  • 02 Customize
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