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20,000+ home exercise videos | 18+ rehabilitation specialties

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  • 18+ specialties, including Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Vestibular, Hand Therapy, Geriatrics, Aquatherapy, Neurology and Bariatrics.

  • Fitness video content includes Cardiovascular, Plyometrics, Agility, Resistance Training, Stretching, Mobility, Pilates and Yoga.

  • Education and Activities of Daily Life videos (ADL)

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  • Wibbi offers a comprehensive suite of speech therapy resources for adults, including exercises, in the form of videos, images and patient education sheets. The resources cover breathing and swallowing, as well as tongue, lip and head tilt exercises.

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  • Wibbi is partnered with veterinary rehabilitation specialists to offer a wide range of canine and equine rehabilitation exercises.

  • It’s quick and easy to compile essential veterinary education and animal exercises, with the option to share condition-specific articles, care videos and customized programs with your clients.

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Rehabilitation content partners

  • Rehabilitation
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Shift Concussion

Concussion Management

Cynthia Cooper

Hand Therapy


Pilates Training

Pace Rehab



Neurological Conditions


Knee Kinesiology

Graston Technique LLC

Soft tissue therapy


Urological, Gynecological & Intimacy Functions

Comera Movement Science

Movement Health


Equine Recovery and Performance Solutions

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Four Leg Rehab

Canine Rehab Educational Resources


PT Home Programs for Pets

Canine Exercise Solutions

Canine Home Exercise Rehabilitation Programs

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