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Wibbi equips therapists with essential tools for creating personalized home exercise programs, tracking patient progress and encouraging adherence between visits.

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Wibbi gives you time back to focus on your patients

Home exercise library

Program templates

Patient education sheets

Patient progress monitoring

Home exercise library

Select and prescribe exercises from over 20,000 exercise videos, covering 18+ specialties.

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Home exercise program templates

Quickly put together patient home exercise programs for patients, selecting from over 300 customizable templates; or build from scratch, catering to specific needs or common conditions.


Patient education sheets

Provide clear information on a patient’s condition for them to read at home, improving their understanding of the home exercise program’s role in their recovery journey.


Monitoring patient progress

Efficiently track patient progress on exercise completion, RPE (rate of perceived exertion), pain levels, strength and endurance progression (or regression), so you can make data-driven decisions and deliver the best possible patient care.

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Insights from fellow practitioners

Using Wibbi has allowed me to quickly turn out detailed and concise HEPs for my patients. Being fully customizable on the patient side means each patient gets the specific program I want for them, and being customizable on the therapist end allows me to create templates that can be easily modified for each specific patient’s needs.

Barry Wrench, PT, DPT

Clinic Director, Phoenix Physical Therapy, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia

Wibbi offers us a large catalog of exercises that we can use to write programs for patients. Exercises can be viewed as a small video on a mobile device, which is really useful for our clients. Our branding is added to the product and it can interact with our client management platform with ease.

Caitlin Miles

SIX Physio, Etobicoke, Ontario

Custom print options

Get access to over 15 customizable, professional printout layouts, complete with tracking and summary options, adaptable for various therapeutic needs. We also offer custom design options.

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Outcome measures forms

Track and evaluate patient progress with outcome measure forms, including DASH, QUICKDASH and Central Sensitization Inventory.


NPS Survey

Assess patient satisfaction in no time at all with Wibbi’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, designed for quick feedback.


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

US providers can quickly access accurate reports and supporting documentation required for RTM reimbursement programs such as Medicare.

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