Welcome to Wibbi

The blog provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding Physiotec’s transition to its new brand, Wibbi. It covers the reasons behind the name change, the meaning behind the new name and logo, and addresses any concerns related to the use of the platform.

What’s in a New Name?  

From Physiotec to Wibbi: the change embraces our broader healthcare mission beyond physiotherapy, aiming to enhance connections between rehabilitation therapists and patients across different specialties through personalized technology.

Decoding Wibbi

A Meaningful Transformation: Wibbi represents a step forward for us in healthcare delivery, focusing on personalized care and the unique journey of each patient, facilitated by innovative technology.

The symbolism of the Wibbi Logo:  The logo illustrates the patient’s unique path to wellness within a supportive community, highlighting personalized care akin to a fingerprint’s uniqueness.

Why the Change? Beyond Physiotherapy: The transition to Wibbi reflects our expanded focus on a diverse set of rehabilitation specialties, moving beyond our origins to meet evolving needs.

Maintaining Identity:  Not an Acquisition: The shift to Wibbi is a strategic rebranding, not a sign of acquisition, maintaining our commitment to a wide range of healthcare specialties.

What to Expect with the New Branding  

Seamless Transition: Users will notice updated branding, a new login URL, and support contacts, with the platform’s language settings and functionality remaining unchanged.

Integration and HEP Program Access: Uninterrupted Service. The rebranding will not affect EMR integrations or the platform’s existing services and functionalities. Users will still be able to access all their existing programs and features.

Navigating to Wibbi 

Automatic Redirection: Accessing the old Physiotec URLs will redirect users to Wibbi, where clear communication about the brand transition ensures continuity.

Experiencing Log-in Issues?

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